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Our first printing of 1,000 “Bike Everywhere” maps are almost gone, a real tribute to the rapid growth of cycling in our community. We will be printing another 1,000 maps in July and we are looking for feedback on the current design. The updated map will show the Bicycle Boulevards that are planned and include a few additional routes that people have suggested since the first map was printed. If there are any other routes, statements, sayings or anything else you think we should include please let us know in the comments below.

Michael Wesch

Chair of the City of Manhattan Bicycle Advisory Committee, avid bicycle commuter, and a cultural anthropologist.

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2 Responses

  1. Ben Champion says:

    I go back and forth on College Heights versus Tecumseh. What gets me about Tecumseh is that we’re recommending people cut through the yard of a church, but I don’t think we’ve consulted with that church to know their position on the situation. College Heights allows full public access through to College Ave., although it might be viewed as a little less “safe” or comfortable for B bikers. To me, it also provides better connectivity to the Canfield/Elling connection toward the South. Finally, for the campus map conversations, we agreed that Bosco Plaza was an adequate “slow” crossing over to mid-campus drive. We might want to indicate that, and in the process College Heights would also be a better connector to the grid than Tecumseh in my opinion, as there is a stoplight across Denison at College Heights.

    As for the campus portion, I’d like to see the full loop of mid-campus to bike lane over to 17th and down to Bosco Plaza and over to mid-campus again represented.

  2. Michael Wesch says:

    Good points. College Ave has several connectivity advantages, and could also connect to Denison heading south, as south of campus Denison becomes an ideal bicycle boulevard with curb extensions and traffic circles. I would also like to go ahead and indicate Poliska as a good way into town from Linear Trail, as it avoids “Tornado Hill” (Wilmar) and leads to some other very nice bike-friendly streets like Arthur Drive which connect people into the downtown grid without having to face those serious hills around the zoo & high school.

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