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MAPPING: Anybody can contribute to our master map.  One of the easiest ways is to just simply post a comment below.  Our community of mappers will take your suggestion into consideration for the next update.  But you can also contribute directly to the map yourself, simply by editing

The color-coding on the map is based on the class:bicycle tag.  We select a number from -2 to +2 to designate the relative safety or “bike-ability” of each street or path.

-2 = Very Dangerous
-1 = Somewhat Dangerous (definitely not safe for children, even with adults, but safe enough for adults riding with caution)
0 = Moderately Safe (mostly collector streets.  These are not safe for children riding alone, but safe enough for adults.)
+1 = Safe (most residential streets fall into this category, but not collector streets)
+2 = Very Safe (most bike paths or other places where cars are not present)