Linear Trail Spur to Westloop?

Many of you have already discovered the “Garden Way spur” that connects Linear Trail to the Garden Way Apartments and then on to Walgreen’s, Dillon’s and the rest of Westloop. It makes a great “exit” off of our little Bicycle Highway, and a great alternative route to the west side of town from downtown. But until now that spur has been for mountain bikes only – a rough, rocky, and narrow trail that was often too muddy to use. It appears that some recent construction (or perhaps flood mitigation work?) has brought an unexpected gift for commuters. A wide gravel access road now runs from Garden Way all the way to about 50 yards from Linear Trail.

A wide dirt path takes you the rest of the way to where it meets the trail just north of the Wildcat Creek bridge.

On the south side is another potential bonus, a road going under Seth Childs Road.

This might ultimately make it easier for people in the Amherst neighborhoods to get to this part of the trail and travel on to Westloop, Ray’s, and all the good restaurants in that area.

I’m trying to find out more about why this construction was done and if we can do some minor additions and modifications to fully leverage their possibilities for improving the bike network. It would be great if we could make this an official part of the bike network and make sure the connection is improved. If you have any information, please share below.

Michael Wesch

Chair of the City of Manhattan Bicycle Advisory Committee, avid bicycle commuter, and a cultural anthropologist.

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2 Responses

  1. Dave Wesely says:

    I tried this and it was a nice shortcut, although very bumpy. There is some poison ivy next to the narrow foot trail on the incline up to the linear trail at the bridge. This should not be a problem for a strong experienced cyclist, but I could easily see a weak rider coming to a stop there and trudging through or falling into the poison ivy. It would be really nice if this were improved.

  2. Jud says:

    The clearing on the south side of the trail going under Seth Child Rd is for a new sanitary sewer line. The line follows along the Wildcat Creek valley untill Fairman/Barton Lake. This portion of the line is on City and KDOT property, but then crosses private property and is in utility easements. The next street access to this utility line is at Bethany Drive.

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