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Last year, MS Biotec ran (or rather, “biked”) away with the Commuter Challenge championship.   This group of individuals commuted by bike from Manhattan to Wamego and back for a total of 93.75 miles per employee. MS Biotec was awarded a party sponsored by Tallgrass Brewery and the recognition of being one of the fittest business in the surrounding area.

Can your organization beat them?  We are inviting all businesses, university departments, and other organizations to rise to the challenge from May 6th – May 10th to see who can bike and/or walk the most.

Prizes and recognition will be awarded to the winners of three categories:

  1. the organization with the most miles logged per employee
  2. the organization with the highest percentage of participants and
  3. the individual with the most miles logged.

Winners will be announced at the Bike Month Celebration part

Sign up below and then send your employees to to post their miles and see a live Commuter Challenge race tracker. (Both can be found in the right sidebar of every page on


Michael Wesch

Chair of the City of Manhattan Bicycle Advisory Committee, avid bicycle commuter, and a cultural anthropologist.

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3 Responses

  1. Doug Jardine says:

    To make this a fair contest, there should be two awards. One for the group with the most miles/employee and one for the group with the most total miles. For a small group where everyone participates, it is easy to get a large mile/employee number. For large groups such as a KSU department that might have a hundred employees but only half or maybe even less participate, it is very difficult to get a high average, even though the total miles biked may be significant.

    • Ken Obasa says:

      I agree with the comment posted by Doug Jardine. His suggestion to me me clearly identifies what could be a defficiency in the current system of designating a “winner”. It would be nice if it could be looked into.

  1. April 26, 2012

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